I remember going fishing with my dad when I was a little girl. He had this old canvas knapsack and on the way home from the pond, we would stop and fill it with any garbage that we found along the trail. We grew up knowing that it was important not to litter and that “trash” belonged in a garbage bucket. Once a week, garbage was picked up at the curb to be brought to the dump…and inevitably, burned in an incinerator.

Back then, there was no mention of recycling or the environment. When something was recycled or reused, it was mainly from necessity. Tin cans held tools and nails in the basement; clothing was passed down the line to younger siblings until the worn clothes would eventually be sewn into quilts; used brown paper bags covered school books to preserve them for another year and left-overs were served for lunch the next day to save on the grocery bill. It was also a time when Guy Fox Night was one of the most exciting nights of the year! Huge fires burned with discarded tires as their fuel, and we got to stay up late to join in the festivities. In the dark, you could see fires burning across the bay and the next day at school we shared stories with our friends.

Decades later, so much has changed. The news is filled with concerns for the environment, global warming issues and the catastrophic effects of climate change. Future generations are now threatened by actions of the past. How did we get to this and, most importantly, how can we make a difference?

With the recent purchase of R&D Diversions Ltd., my partner Jim and I will be learning about the environment and finding ways to protect it! Please join us by visiting our Facebook page, keeping an eye on our website calendar and participating in events to show your support.

All the best,

Jenny Hall

I'll be honest. Protecting the environment was not at the top of my priority list growing up. I might even say that I was one of the people contributing to the waste problem rather than solving it. To me, "reduce" meant slowing down so the cops didn't give you a ticket...and "recover" was something you did after being out with the boys the night before.

Looking back, there wasn't a lot of information available so it wasn't something we focused on. There were no websites to search or social media groups to join. We used the old fashioned Britannica encyclopedias to do our school reports. One time I cut the pictures out to attach to my essay...and got grounded for a month!

Today, you can pretty much find anything by searching the internet. I guess my point is, we can no longer hide behind lack of knowledge as a reason to not make a difference.

When I first met Jenny, she owned a cabin in Heart's Content. Every time we walked on the beach together, she took a bag and filled it with garbage that had washed up from the ocean. I knew then I had my hands full!

Now that we've purchased a waste management company together, I've upped my game and my knowledge about the waste industry and have discovered that there's so much more to do than dispose. I'll be the person you see out driving our disposal vehicles but behind the scenes, Jenny and I will both be doing research to provide you with alternative ways of handling waste. Feel free to email us (info@rddiversions.com) with any ideas you would like to share. We appreciate your support!

Take care,

Jim Power