Turning trash to treasures!


If you weren't able to REDUCE your waste, why not look at

REUSING it to create something interesting and purposeful?

Here are some items we reuse to keep waste out of the landfill:

1. Coffee tins - are great for storing paint brushes, pens & pencils, loose coin, craft items and garden utensils.

2. Greeting cards - make perfect gift tags and festive stickers for your packages.

3. Plastic bags - can be used as pet waste bags, lunch bags, to line trash bins or reused as grocery bags.

3. Old towels and linens - don't throw them out...cut them up and use them as rags. They can also be donated to animal shelters for cleaning purposes or lining beds for the pets. Check with your local shelters to find out what they are in need of.

4. Clothing and household items - can be dropped off at a not-for-profit organization to be used by others who need them. My dad always said..."one man's rags is another man's riches" true!

5. Plastic bottles - this is Jim's personal favorite...once empty, they can be used as bird feeders. Here's one that we made last spring and I'm not sure who loved it more...Jim or the birds!